Desprende, colorea y envía.

MEXILAND, es un set de 20 postales desprendibles y personalizables para colorear. / MEXILAND, is a set of 20 removable and customizable postcards to color.
Para artistas y amantes de México, de todas las edades. / For artists and lovers of Mexico, of all ages.
Cada postal es única e irrepetible porque al colorearla no habrá otra igual en el mundo. / Each postcard is unique and unrepeatable because when you coloring it there will be no other like it in the world.
Todas las postales llevan impresa en la parte posterior, información en inglés y español referente a cada ilustración, así como espacio para el timbre postal y datos del destinatario. / All postcards are printed on the back, information in English and Spanish regarding each illustration, as well as space for the postage stamp and recipient information.

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Canada, 2017
Request: Create a logotype for medicinal mushroom and herbal products and extracts.
Brief: The company will centre around natural health products such as herbs, adaptogens, nootropics etc.
The client loves the minimalist, modern style of design, especially the Japanese aesthetic of logo design. Simple, clean, and clear.
Target audience: Health conscious consumer looking for ways to boost their overall daily performance and well being using natural plants and herbs such as chaga, reishi, rhodiola, ginseng, etc.
Software: Illustrator

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United States, 2017
Request: Create a logotype for a restaurant
Brief: Pop up restaurant specializing in healthy breakfast dishes all day. It will be based in the Mexican resort town of Tulum.
Target audience: Jet setters, hippies burners, tourists and locals are welcome.
Software: Illustrator

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Suecia, 2017
Request: Create a logotype for cooking accessories for people who love to cook at home.
Brief: The products include all sorts of cooking gadgets, such as pots, pans, thermometers, knifes, meassuring equipment, whiskers, mixing bowls, etc.
Software: Illustrator

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